Day 4: Rapla – Märjamaa (31 km)

The trail starts at Rapla Maarja-Magdaleena Church and then moves to the Free Church and then to Sulupere Street. After which it turns to the forest road next to the singing grounds, then it crosses the river and goes to tavern “Krantsi Kõrts“, which offers both accommodation and catering. The road continues on the highway and turns left to Kuusiku manor. Then the road continues to the right of the manor on the bank side of the Vigala river. Near Altveski watermill there is a crossing of the river and a small section over private land (we have permission, just please be sure to close all the gates after yourselves) to Altveski road. After a few kilometers, the trail continues on the old Rapla-Virtsu railway dam until we reach the road again. Then cross the road and head to the village of Jalase. On the village square you can rest and have a picnic by the ancient well (Suurekivi spring). Now you can head back to the road. From the highway, we turn left again onto Susla Road (former railway embankment), which will soon join the RMK (State Forest Management Centre) Road and head to the Märjamaa Singing Grounds and Church. There are several shops, cafes and accomodation possibilities in Märjamaa borough.

Please find below itinerary (walking directions, accommodation, dining, sightseeing and other information) in a pdf fail as well as daily trail track log.

Day 4 track log files (kml and gpx): 4_Rapla_Marjamaa.kml, 4_Rapla_Marjamaa.gpx

Day 4 track in map:

Märjamaa St. Mary’s Church