Camino Estonia – general information

Camino Estonia startin point is Tallinn Dome Church. From there you can buy an Estonian pilgrim’s passport. Passports can also be ordered through this website. Length of Camino Estonia is about 250 km and it runs from church to church, from the parish center to the parish center. Camino Estonia leads through Pärnu to Ikla and continues via Riga towards Santiago de Compostela. There is a smaller branch on the Estonian camino from Pärnu-Jaagupi to Valga to join Camino Latvia, as today the Latvian pilgrimage organization has marked an established Camino Latvia from Valga. You can find information about this in Branch Roads section. From Ikla to Riga you can use the infrastructure of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail. You can walk the path for individual days or in longer stages, just as much time you have.

Please find route descriptions day by day in sectiones below. The trail on the terrain will be marked in 2022. The traveler is helped by the route recorded in the gps track. With a smartphone, it is easy to position yourself and move along an electronic path. In addition, detailed route description is available in the daily pdf files. We have planned day trips so that it is possible to visit a shop every day and there is accommodation available at the end of the day. There are no albergues yet, but churches on the way have been agreed and will provide accommodation for pilgrims. Please ask premission by phone or e-mail some days earlier and agree your arrival time. You can find the contacts of the congregations in the daily itinerary, which includes information about touristic accommodations in the area as well. When packing your travel bag, bring a mattress and sleeping bag, as well as indoor shoes.

In case getting in trouble on the road, you can feel free to contact the members of the society, whose contacts can be found here.

Camino Estonia day by day:

Day 1: Tallinna Dome Church – Saku (22 km)

Day 2: Saku – Hageri (23 km)

Day 3: Hageri – Rapla (24 km)

Day 4: Rapla – Märjamaa (31 km)

Day 5: Märjamaa – Kivi-Vigala (29 km)

Day 6: Kivi-Vigala – Pärnu-Jaagupi (23 km)

Day 7: Pärnu-Jaagupi – Pärnu (32 km) (NB! Here starts the branch to Valga)

Day 8: Pärnu – Tahkuranna (25 km)

Day 9: Tahkuranna – Häädemeeste (19 km)

Day 10: Häädemeeste – Treimani – Ikla (28 km)

From Pärnu-Jaagupi to Valga

Log files (kml and gpx):

Tallinn Dome Church