Day 3: Hageri – Rapla (24 km)

Day 3 starts at Hageri Church and heads to a small road. After about 5 km (after Rabivere manor), we turn left, join RMK road (marked hiking route) and reach the Rabivere campfire site (9 km so far). Rabivere campfire site has a shelter, toilet and table. After a few km, it is possible to visit the beautiful Sopi lake (approx. 200 m to the left of the road, karst lake). The route continues along small roads to Alu, where there are a manor, shop and cafe. From Alu is another 3 km to Rapla. Rapla offers all possibilities: various accommodation, shops, restaurants, several pharmacies and a bank.

Please find below itinerary (walking directions, accommodation, dining, sightseeing and other information) in a pdf fail as well as daily trail track log.

Day 3 track log files (kml and gpx): 3_Hageri_Rapla.kml, 3_Hageri_Rapla.gpx

Day 3 track in map:

Rapla Church