From Pärnu-Jaagupi to Valga

Branch trail from Pärnu-Jaagupi to Valga was created in July 2021 as part of the holy year. This part of trail is not marked in nature. Please follow itnerary tables and gps tracks.

Please find below itinerary (walking directions, accommodation, dining, sightseeing and other information) in a pdf fail as well as daily trail track log.

Track log files (kml and gpx) from Pärnu-Jaagupi to Valga:

KML ja GPX files: Parnu_Jaagupi_Valga_koik.kml, Parnu_Jaagupi_Valga_koik.gpx

Day 1: From Pärnu-Jaagupi to Suigu (20 km)

KML ja GPX files: 1_Parnu_Jaagupi_Suigu.kml, 1_Parnu_Jaagupi_Suigu.gpx

Day 2: From Suigu to Riisa Rantšo (26 km)

KML ja GPX files: 2_Suigu_Soomaa_puhkekula.kml, 2_Suigu_Soomaa_puhkekula.gpx

Day 3: From Riisa Rantšo to Kõpu St. Peter’s Church (29 km)

KML ja GPX files: 3_Soomaa_Puhkekula_Kopu_kirik.kml, 3_Soomaa_Puhkekula_Kopu_kirik.gpx

Day 4: From Kõpu to Halliste Church (25 km)

KML ja GPX files: 4_Kopu_Halliste.kml, 4_Kopu_Halliste.gpx

Day 5: From Halliste to Taagepera Church (26 km)

KML ja GPX files: 5_Halliste_Karksi_Taagepera.kml, 5_Halliste_Karksi_Taagepera.gpx

Day 6: From Taagepera – Järvesilma (26 km)

KML ja GPX files: 6_Taagepera_Hummuli.kml, 6_Taagepera_Hummuli.gpx

Day 7: Järvesilma – Valga St. John Church (29 km)

KML ja GPX files: 7_Hummuli_Valga.kml, 7_Hummuli_Valga.gpx